Wednesday, June 6, 2012

ten days

i'm in love for the first time
don't you know it's gonna last
it's a love that lasts forever
it's a love that had no past
- the beatles

so here i am, sitting in bed,  in my trusty over-sized baggy boy pants to which i love
while my wedding dress is yet again hanging on a nail right across
the room from me reminding me that in just ten days i'm going to marry
my best friend
i told garrett that it was giving me the stare down
to which he replied, " don't let it freak you out babe!"
but he need not worry so much

... these are only love goosies
& he picked me to be his wife...

he is in every way the sturdy rock i know i can stand on
without it giving way to a fall
but even if i were to lose my balance, i know he would catch me before 
my brain had time to tell my foot how to attempt to touch the ground

: )

i love you garrett smith

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