Monday, April 8, 2013


1. A little happy for the Husby the morning of his 27th birthday
mini cinnamon rolls and a cheesy card from his little wifey
2. His reaction to the cake I had made for him! I knew he'd love it! Never too old for cake!
3. "The Cake" 
I think I did pretty good planning his first birthday as a married man, it's hard to compete
with his superwoman birthday throwdown mom though...
 (love you MIL! Thank you for bringing my husband into this world! )
4. Cards galore and a blown up picture i had made of him doing what he loves (racing) in 3.98 seconds! (One of the many highlights of his life)
see video below

1. His mom and I lighting the multitude of candles! jk husby
2. Me, Sister in law, and the birthday man!
3. Man and Wifey : )
4. Husby and the woman who made it all happen- his mommy 
awe wee wee!

1. Wifey caught a "crappie" croppie fish
2. I finally planted a double knock out rose bush beside our light pole
I couldn't wait any longer to get my hands on that rose bush!
3. It's small right now but soon it will grow to be a gorgeous eyesight, if mother natures permits of course
4. oh yeah, a whole lotta this! 

We took a spin in his Granddaddys new toy: El camino Style! We felt like a different generation in that little number! Husby ate it up with a spoon, this video just makes me smile!

This past weekend was just great and it's def gonna stick to our hearts
Hope yours was as well Friends!

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  1. I want to look that great when i fish you look so cute! i cant wait until it warms up and we can go!! You did a great job for ur hubby bday!! you go girl!!
    PS i am SOOOOO excited that i can comment on your blog again!!


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