Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Honey We Do's

I have been dying to share this little treasure with ya'll for weeks now, but it took a few weeks to get the husby interested in revamping this little diamond in the ruff. If you haven't noticed, it's an old bottom to an antique sewing machine table. It had actually been lying near the woods of my parents house, belonged to my great grandmother at that, i've always known it was there but up until recently I began eyeballing it! And what I saw was a perfect little country table sitting between our two rocking chairs on the front porch with a potted plant nested on it and maybe an old metal pitcher for good looks. Garrett did his best to talk me out of bringing it home, as you can see by the first picture it doesn't give a good first impression, but after I hit that dude with a little spray paint he began to see what I saw: a masterpiece! And I'm so glad he did, because he doesn't know how much it means to me that he helped me fix it back up! (Sentimentalist, remember?) We are pretty proud of how it came out! So... what do you think?!

After finishing such a project we got inspired to tackle a few necessities: yard work! I have been buying flowers like crazy along with every spring crazed human being like myself.. needless to say, winter hung around a little too long this year so I just couldn't wait to bring some color into our world! The swing on our back porch looked a little dull so I decided to plant some flowers in it! It turned out to be just what I had imagined- another project I am proud of as well! 

Are you taking advantage of all the sunshine too here lately!?
I'd love to hear your stories!
: )

Happy Wednesday, Ya'll!


  1. I LOVE it! Such a clever little DIY :)

  2. Girl!! i am proud of you and your hubbers! you guys are always up to something!! you go girl!!

  3. your honey is so handy! love yalls new project. makes me wanna get busy at our house :) xox


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