Sunday, February 3, 2013

Husby Appreciation

August 2009
Thumbing through some old photos the other day, I found this keepsake shot. We had just started dating and it was our first wedding to attend as a couple, I was grinning ear to ear that day because I was in love with this guy who is now my husband of almost eight months of marriage. It's truly amazing how time is flying by already, & I try to freeze every moment of tenderness in the back of my mind, every laugh, every kiss and morning as I wake up beside him. He is that miraculous moment before I gasp for breath that keeps me alive and my heart would quiver without his beating along side mine. He has my heart in the very palm of his hands and I hope he knows how much I adore his beautiful soul. 

June 2012


  1. This is precious, Callie! I love to see other love stories similar to ours. My husband and I have been married for 7 months and I literally cannot figure out where time has gone. Doing life with the one you love is truly amazing! I would love to just freeze this moment, this year, and our little newlywed experiences so that they may last a bit longer! I am enjoying following along with your little happily ever after world!

  2. PRECIOUS !!!

    I know how you feel.... for 25 years I was blessed also !!

    It runs in the family....

    Love you D-I-L !!

  3. I so agree with you:) this is so sweet!

  4. First off I wanna say I'm Laney. I found your blog thru another blog. I'm trying to find new blogger friends and all. I lack blogger friends and comments/feedback so i'm trying to find some so that i get some in return.

    here's my link.

    would love to hear from you.

    You and your hubby look great together. I cant wait til the day I meet my Mr. Right. My one and only my one true love but for now i have to meet a bunch of Mr. Wrongs. but i'm fine with that


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