Friday, February 15, 2013

Our Newly-Tine

When someone else's 
happiness is your happiness,
that is love.

- Lana Del Ray

Hi Friends! I couldn't procrastinate any longer to post about our First Little Valentines Day as Newlyweds! It was perfect in every way and we really enjoyed all of the loving-ness of the day! In the coming weeks, the husby didn't seem to be very suspender strappin' enthused about the day of love, so I decided to " in yo face!" him with a GIGANTIC valentines day card that he wouldn't miss, because that is what cupit scroogies get on Valentines Day, even More love!!! So love, love, love it was! He was forced to be loved, indeed! I managed to fill the whole card with sweetness for him, I could have kept going but you know.. I was running out of space! I thought a home designed red velvet cake was just the right touch for such an occasion, so little wifey here rattled her brain until she came up with a groovy idea!

You may have noticed already if your a reader of mine, I always tend to decorate our buffet table in our living room around holidays/events and it has become a little tradition of mine that I enjoy! This time,  I set out different sentimentals of ours like the broach from our wedding cake, a star fish signifying our honeymoon in Destin, books full of love and every sweet valentines day card we received in the mail via family and friends. It's so sweet to look at, I dread taking it all down honestly!

It's a good thing I have a Hammy Whammy around, she sure helped me clean that murder scene of a bowl! And you would of thought I had just came from a KISS concert after seeing my red stained tongue afterwards! To top off the night, we treated ourselves to Hot Wings and we devoured them! 

Well that was our Newly-Tine in a nut-shell!
How was yours!? I hope it was muffiny top full of LOVE!


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