Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Golden Bridge of Fame

Christmas time is creeping upon us lovelies! Everyday is literally "like Christmas" when we open our mailbox and find all of these beautiful Christmas cards full of love and new beginnings! Christmas cards are the best, they just make me feel all gooey inside ya know!? The bottom of our stairs were holding these cards up pretty nicely for a little but after we collected more and more, I wondered where we were going to broadcast them all!? Who knew our swanky thrift finding could serve not only as an eye catcher but also as a Christmas card holder!? I'm even more in love with this piece of art now, why didn't I think of this earlier?? Look who all made the "Golden Bridge Hall of Fame"!

P:S I'm sorry to those who are having trouble commenting on my posts, I'm trying to get it fixed, feel free to email me instead! By the way, my email address is listed under the "Contact" tab on the navi-bar! 


  1. Love the blog!

    I nominated you for the Liebster Award! See more here:

    Love, Clara


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