Friday, December 7, 2012

Dining Room Sneakpeek!

Eeekking with excitement! Hi Friends of Mine! I'm so, so excited to share my dining room with you all, i have been working really hard on it for a little bit and although it isn't quite finished yet.. I couldn't keep it to myself any longer!! So here it is, I hope you like it as much as we do!!!

Wall Colors: Glidden Semi-Gloss Joyful Yellow (My Pick) & Cape Blue ( Husby's Pick)
I have to brag a bit, I'm pretty good at painting now, but I sort of had to become good since Husby hates to paint with a passion but i have to give him credit where credit is due, he's pretty darn good at hanging large room accessories for instance a heavy old antique mirror ( a thift store treasure I found)
I whipped this cute little frame up with cardboard, left over fabric from my cushions, a page from a book and a hot glue gun.. and that's what ya call: domesticating look it up, you'll find my name under it!
Clever one i am
Mila is always the center of attention, of course
My mother in law helped with the chair cushions, she had done it a time or two!
Oh by the way, Husby is teaching me to play Chess!
I totally kill it, literally.

Picture: Bed Bath & Beyond Sale Items
The stand up antique mirror came from Husby's grandma
Don't you just love the fabric!?
It makes me feel like i'm in Van Gogh's Famous Painting "Starry Night"

This old sofa table needs a pretty top but for right now it's sittin' pretty
I took leftover fabric, placed it behind a frame, and it somehow fit my fancy quite nicely
A few favorite books and wedding china on display

Swankyness at it's cheapest
and that's the way I like it!

But Wait, Wait! I can't hold it in any longer! Not only am i busy decorating the hizzity, i'm working on getting the bloggy woggy a little makeover too
Merry Christmas to My Something New With You
with the help of Kristen @ Whisky Tango Foxtrot Designs!
She's amazing, check her out if your interested in revamping your blog!
I can't wait to share it too!

Happy Friday Lovelies!


  1. This looks AMAZING. I LOVE your dining room set, I've been looking for something just like it! Where did you get it! And great job on the cushions, by the way! xo C

    1. the dining room set was actually handed down to us from my mother in law.. we are excited to use it now! thanks for the sweet comments! We are pleased with how it turned out!

  2. Yay! Glad your getting that makeover.. Cant wait to see! Loooove the dining room!! Its gorgeous!!

    1. thanks Karla girl! I'm loving the blog makeover!

  3. Love it! The cushions are so pretty and I love your details :) great job!

  4. Love it! You all did such an awesome job:)

  5. love the look! came over from Whiskey Tango Foxtrot :)

  6. Love it, it's gorgeous!!! You guys did a great job! :)

  7. I love it cal! you guys did a great job, proud of you. Plus i love the new layout!!


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