Monday, December 10, 2012

Callie Crocker

Well what do ya know, Christmas time is just around the corner and so are all those fat bearing digits we bestow the name: Calories! Joy, Joy, Joy! All the food hipe floating about in this 95 degree christmas air made me hungry so i decided to unleash my inner "Callie Crockerness" last night, you know that inner fat baker being inside of all of us that looks at spatulas in the same way that Will Ferrell as "Elf" looks at his marshmallow smothered plate of mystery spaghetti, anyway they always look just darling sitting there quiet on the counter top without a stir but there in your bakersense you feel the need to venture into Martha Stewart Land of poofy pastries and jellyness. Merely weapons of extreme messyness by the way but then you find yourself sporting an apron dress that feels as good as a jelly donut stain proof suite of armor!  So i grabbed up my apron dress, then threw it down on the kitchen floor, and made a delicious out of the box holiday cake- I'm not the apron wearing kind of gal either, i just can't, caaaaan't do it! Sorry to those who may have bought this newlywonderwife an apron, eeek! Although they are cute, Forgive me. So the cake turned out great, i was proud, so was Mila because she got to eat the droppings! 

Happy Monday Lovelies!

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