Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Operation Christmas Cactus

I am a lover of plants, ever since my small hands first felt the coolness of the rich soil embedded with minerals in between my fingers, it also helped that I worked at a flower nursery for a couple of  years too i guess. See that plant up there? It has been holding on by a string since 2003! That was the year my mow mow died, me and her were like peanut butter and jelly so alike, i miss her all the time.  This plant was sent to her while she was in the hospital a few days before she died, so i decided to take it upon myself to adopt it from my parents house, i'm planning to save it somehow with a little tender loving care. It hasn't bloomed in years, so i can't remember what color it was back then, so it will be a beautiful surprise, if and when it does bloom. After a little research, i found these plants can live for generations! I can't bring her back, but i'm praying i can revive a little piece of her to keep in my home in memory of her. Below is a post i wrote about her on my old blog, feel free to dig all you like, alot of my best writings are posted there. 


  1. how very sweet! i am sorry for your loss...i know how tough it is, but i am sure that she'd be happy to know that you are doing this!
    well i am new to your blog and glad to following along now :)

  2. hi Morgan! thanks for the sweet words they mean so much! so glad you are following along!

  3. :) This is post is so precious. Go you for working to revive it! I love the look of plants in a home, makes it so cozy, but I'm just awful at the upkeep with them, truly awful! Maybe you could teach me a thing or two :)
    Coming across your site for the first time, it's so sweet! Keep up the great work!
    XOX Angela


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