Sunday, September 23, 2012

the bedroom

i love our bedroom & it really came together well
the pillows make the room.. thanks mama

my  nightstand
...the gorgeous lamp was a wedding gift we received with a mate which sits
pretty on husby's side, a framed picture of the two of us the day before our wedding,
a macho vased flower arrangement (my favorite splurge from jallans) along with a book
filled with inspiring insights from couples married 50 years and beyond we received at
our shower..

keepsake boxes filled with every wedding bow/card we got
yes, i am a very sentimental human being thank you
: )
it's that important

mila! it's cooooon!

a beautiful piece of wall art my sister in law katy gave me
a framed picture of garrett's daddy and our fish zeppelin who
is obviously swimming in mirky water
knew i should have cleaned that before snapping

i love our bedroom suite furniture
it was also garrett's parents first pieces 

unframed pictures and my jewelry stand
i'm thinking we should give the little girl a name?

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