Sunday, September 9, 2012

sunday's letters

i found these two pictures in one of my online albums.
i had just started dental assisting school and he was working away in southaven, ms.
never believe anyone who says long distance relationships don't last.

dear God: i'm thankful for my good health, my loving husband, my new job and the sweet chilly cold snap in the air. life couldn't be any better, thank you. 

dear husband of mine: i didn't think i could love you any more than i already do, but i love you more and more everyday. and by the way,  i'm so glad your eye didn't bruise from kneeing you while we were wrestling last night, all of the bitties in church would have thought i beat you! i apologized thirty plus times but i'm still sorry!!!

dear mila: garrett loves you, nevermind the water-gun it's really all for fun!

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