Saturday, September 29, 2012

ca ca tooey!

i'm sorry i haven't written much lately, i don't mean to disappoint it's just i've been dealing with some health problems once again. yes, again. i tried to write a little the other night but then i started feeling sorry for myself and i ended up erasing the whole thing. it's just hard to write when you feel the world is sitting on your head weighing you down to the ground. 
so now i'm back where we started, and that is back on anti-biotics. the very moment i felt the doctor was going to say anti-biotics i cringed because they mess up everything. and the side effect symptoms are always worst than your actual problem. needless to say, i feel like ca ca tooey and there's nothing for me to do about it but suck it up and take the meds.

i will be fine. and i will get better. no worries.
end of sappiness, i promise.

the moral of this story is, where there's sappiness there is also happiness, meaning my husby. my soft place to fall.  he takes good care of me, especially during times like these.

 i love him for that.

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