Sunday, September 16, 2012

recap in pictures.. i know it's been awhile..

first of all, happy anniversary to my sweet husby, these past three months have been an adventure every day and i still think your the greatest even though you did kick my sweet mila out of the hizzity, but we will get to that later.  i love you, most.

alot has happened since i last took time to actually write down "the smith family happenings" so instead of throwing paragraphs in your face, i decided to throw pictures.. because they are.. worth a thousand words, right?  so let me begin by saying....

a deer hit us

the jeep beep got a new grill
thank you, deer

husby booted mila out
i'm still a little sour but i'm getting over it

husby found the barney worm that stung me
a few weeks ago. we googled him and found out
he is a saddleback worm and he's poisonous

mila is happier outside, but between you and i
i sneak her inside when husby isn't looking

distressed my first piece of furniture and i think i
did pretty dang good

the hizzity is getting some much needed TLC

picnic tables and all

and my little babies are blooming

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