Tuesday, June 12, 2012

we're making memories already and this is just the beginning

a little updating:
me and garrett, well me actually 
i have just recently started moving my things into the house
when i say only me, i say it because garrett is moving downstairs
but i guess you could classify that as moving huh?
he's merely migrating
it has been so fun putting all of the shower gifts in their place
it really makes you thankful to have such giving and wonderful people
who think so much of you to help make your home a home

our shower gifts
and yes that is a pool table

we have everything we need
except for a few groceries of course

the other night me and garrett decided to pick up a few minor groceries
and when i say minor i mean things like:
..spicy cup-o noodles
easy mac
tuna fish
tons of tuna fish..
three gallons of lemonade
because they were only a dollar
rice meals
more rice..
spaghetti o's
we ate our cup-o spicy noodles in our "fine china" and watched star wars
and it was great
we'll buy more "meals" and necessities later of course
but nothing beats sweet memories like these for right now

right now our couch is the cushion from a futon
and it is so comfortable
i could get used to it for sure but we won't tell garrett this

garrett's "man coaster"

because an actual couch would be nice to have in the near future wouldn't it?

look how cute he is
reading the instructions to our new surround sound system
happy wedding to us

we will make our nest little by little
piece by piece
we're making memories already
and this is just the beginning

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