Sunday, June 24, 2012

the married life

yes this is the post you have been waiting on, right?
well if your wondering
we are loving it
sure, we have only been wed exactly one week now
(happy one week anniversary to us)
but it has been great
i love waking up to his sweet morning eyes
i have even mastered making coffee for him
but bless his heart his little wifey is a morning person!

our wedding was absolutely beautiful
(will post pictures soon)
the weather was perfect
it was everything i never thought of dreaming of
it was touching
and we both cried
happy tears of course
we are very blessed to have each other

the honeymoon was just as great
we stayed at the beau rivage in biloxi, ms for our wedding night
to which we got upgraded to a top floor panoramic suite
after checkout we headed for destin, florida
our condo pointed straight toward the beach
we ate alot of sandwiches in between the good eats
our last stop was the hard rock hotel in biloxi
to which we also got upgraded to the twelveth floor big time suite
it was amazing
there were tv's in every room!
not that we watched that much tv..
: )

& i played my first slot machine and gained ten bucks
we had a blast
i love my husby

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