Monday, June 24, 2013

Year One Photo Shoot

I know you guys must think I'm beating the horse with all our anniversary bliss, but I can't end all the mushy talk yet because I haven't shared our Year One pictures with you all! My dear sister in law snaps the best shots, she's just good at it, so of course I chose her for our little photographer! Every one of the pictures she snapped were perfect, it's very hard to chose which ones are my favorites but here are a couple that just tug real good on my heart snappers! Although Husby didn't seem too thrilled about taking them at first as any man is about pictures, he ended up making me laugh the entire time with his goofiness toward the whole idea of picture taking! He wouldn't let on that he enjoyed himself, but pictures are worth a thousand more words, eh? Take a look and pin away if you like by clicking the yellow "P" hover button on each collage.

These are only eleven of three hundred somewhat pictures that she took that day, I'm in love with every single one and it all goes thanks to her, thanks SIL. We will look back on these in years to come and smile!


  1. Looooove these girl! You are gorgeous!! :-)

  2. These are soo sweet!! Love them

  3. These are beautiful pictures! My hubby and I will be celebrating our 5 year anniversary in a couple weeks and we're getting pictures taken too - I'm excited! Happy Anniversary to you!

  4. These pictures are soo cute and they turned out great!! congrats on your one year anniversary cutie!!


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