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Funny Moments From The First Year

Hi Friends, today along with every Wednesday in the month of June, I will be teaming up with nine other June brides like myself to bring you posts about our first year of marriage with a range of many topics. I absolutely LOVE today's topic which is: Funny Moments From The First Year. If you haven't already, join in on this fun. (details below).

Calling all engaged and newlywed gals! 

What would you say if I told you 10 newlywed bloggers are linking up to bring you an entire year's worth of marital advice for a one time only June series!? Whelp, get excited! 

Meet the forever newly wedded Brides!

Each of the 10 Brides shown above have been married exactly one year as of June 2013. We will be posting each Wednesday during the month of June on 4 topics of marriage, while including our trials, triumphs, and all that fell in-between. The goal of this link-up series is to encourage the pursuit of love, joy, and hardships within a sacred marriage, all of which are completely worth each minute the Lord provides with our better half. 

If you are engaged, or married, we invite you to write on the topics with us and link up your posts. It doesn't matter if you are engaged and planning your big day, are a newlywed, or if you have been married 25 years... All the marital advice contributed, all the better for everyone involved! 

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The Topics: 

June 5- Funny Moments From The First Year
June 12- Hardest Moments From The First Year
June 19- What Have You Learned From The Unexpected and How Have You Grown as a Couple During The First Year
June 26- Anniversary Celebration Recap 

We look forward to reading about your engaged, newlywed, and marriage journeys! If you have any questions feel free to email Kalyn here

While it's hard to believe we've already been wed a whole year, we've had a many of laughs learning the ropes of marriage. You know that saying, "You think you know someone, until you live with them". Well, I'm here to tell you that is a pretty true statement. For instance, I've always know Garrett loved to snack in his spare time while watching t.v., but I never knew he could eat a whole box of Chips Ahoy cookies in just one sitting until I married him. I was flabbergasted, like really?! I am so jealous right now. I guess I can't really say much though, because he never knew my true love of peanut butter until he saw that  I could empty the whole jar alone in just two weeks. I could go on and on, about the little things that we have learned about each other but today I picked out a few of our funniest moments of our first year together, the others are mine all mine. I can't tell you everything, now can I!?

1. Sleep Talking.
My mother in law and sister in law always warned me that I would witness it after living with him, but I never imagined how vocal he would really be in his sleep. His tone of voice isn't slurry at all, it's as if he is talking to one of the guys, so it really stunned me the first time I heard him babbling about four wheeler parts and such. But the funniest part of hearing him sleep talk, is he actually answers back if I all the sudden chime into the imaginary conversation. 

2. Burning Our First Breakfast.
Every new bride is known for burning her first few meals, right? Well I never thought I would actually fall into that category until I burned our first ever breakfast. While I like to blame it on the cast iron skillet, it was indeed a disaster from the start. It was one of our first mornings together and I woke up early just so I could impress my new husband with an awesome breakfast. The plan was to make pancakes, scrambled eggs and sausage. You know you really burn something bad when the smell of burnt pancakes wakes your other half up right? True story. Even worst it set the smoke alarm off. True story.

3. Animal Training.
If your a long time follower of ours, you have met our fur baby Mila. We adopted her a few weeks after we were married and she has brought us so much joy ever since. Well in an effort to keep her from scratching on furniture and biting Husbands toes, we bought a neon pink water gun and blasted her with it every time she attempted to try us. It not only worked as a training method, but it soon turned into a game for us. We couldn't wait to see her bite at our toes so that we could gun her good! Read about that funny in this post HERE.

4. Losing Mila In The Refridgerator.
How do you lose a cat in the fridge you ask? Let me just tell you, it is possible my deary. In those days, I tended to feed Mila food that wasn't exactly healthy for her, being a cat and all ya know. I would let her lick the bowl after mixing up ingredients for supper and she automatically knew the sound of the fridge door opening, it was her note to self to run toward it in hopes of human food, food she loved. Well one day I lost her, she wasn't anywhere to be found and we looked everywhere, except the fridge of course. All of the sudden I heard her meow, I looked in the cabinets under the sink but she wasn't there. She was right under my nose but I could not place her, I even checked the oven in panic by the way. I looked at the fridge, and thought "there is no way", to my surprise that was exactly where she was. Read about that funny in this post HERE.

Read about them in the highlighted links above.

So those are just a few of our newlywed funnies.
They melt my heart thinking back to those moments
I'm thankful for all the love and laughter we've shared together
this year one
and I pray we make even more funnies so that I can share
them with you all.

I hope you've enjoyed reading as much as I've enjoyed digging up memories from my newlywed funny stash!
Be sure to link up with us newlyweds every wednesday and join in on the fun! I'd love to hear about your first year!


  1. haha those are some great ones! I think we've all ruined a good meal we were excited to spoil our husbands with!

    and I think shooting mila with the water gun is just hilarious!! Reading that post next!

  2. These are some funny stories!!
    The cat in the fridge had me giggling

  3. hahaha love it! seriously...i think I burned everything for the first month. and the Mila in the fridge story might be one of my favorites to date.

  4. The cat in your fridge story is funny, I can't believe she actually jumped in there! And I watched the pill video, also laughed at that one! Love your end comment about having a baby. Thanks for sharing!


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