Saturday, June 22, 2013

One Year Celebrations: We went {tent} Camping!

Hi Friends! Well as you can see from the title of this post, we made it to the one year mile marker! Sunday, June 16th we celebrated our very special day once again, we couldn't have planned it any better if we had tried. But I guess you could say we aren't the best "planners" since we did indeed make them just a few days before they were actually set, but because of our work schedules and such we had to pick something to do that was fun yet somewhat spiffy, as in we had to be back at work Monday morning.

Our idea to go camping {tent} camping kind of came out of now where! Although Garrett had mentioned to me a few times before how he wouldn't mind going camping since he hadn't been in years, neither have I. So let's go camping I said! The weather was beginning to get pretty steamy leading up to the weekend and our plans almost hit a turn around but the forecast changed it's uphill climb just in time so we decided to keep our plans! We pulled out the twenty something year old gigantic tent from the attic and would you know was in perfect condition. We packed up a laundry basket full of goodies for the trip and hooked the boat up to the truck, we were all ready to go! Garrett had just the spot, he was excited, it was a spot his family had camped a many of times in the past, one including a surprise fathers day camping trip, another reason why I just knew this trip would be meaningful to him, it was a must!

We finally reached the camp site ,boy was it perfect, right beside the water just as he had explained but we were soon let down by a tall bold printed sign that read: No Camping Here planted right on his special spot. I felt so bad, he had put so much thought and preparation into this special trip, there had to be a loop hole somewhere right? We returned right back where we started, the lady at the desk. She offered two of the last camping spots equipt with water and electricity which would be an extra five bucks, but they just weren't what we wanted so we asked for our money back which turned into a fail as well. We hadn't even unloaded our things and were now out thirteen bucks. Lord we are in a rut now I tell ya, we were so upset we almost gave up and took the road back home until another camping site came to mind. I prayed the whole drive there that it would work out, the husby was way past the point of aggravation and I just knew if this didn't workout we wouldn't only be out thirteen bucks but also out of the price of gasoline.

To our surprise, it worked out perfectly. Praise Jesus. While we did have to pay yet again, it was well worth it this go around. We had numerous spots to choose from right on the water just as we wanted, water and electricity, and a fairly clean bathroom considering it was a camp ground site. The weather was nice and breezy and we had found the perfect spot to pitch our gigantic roomy tent!

While we were setting our little anniversary-moon tent up, we looked around the corner and wouldn't you know white tents were set out for a wedding. I was estatic! We were going to witness a wedding guys, on our very anniversary! There couldn't have been a more precious remembrance of our special day than this, and like Garrett said, "What's the odds that a wedding would be going on while we're here on our anniversary!?".

The wedding looked to be happening later on that evening, so we decided to go fishing and planned to be back in time to watch! We both caught a bass a piece and the weather was so nice. Of course I would have gotten a picture to show you, but the Husby just knew we would catch more. Too bad we didn't.

It was getting about time to cook up some steaks, so we made our way to our camping site and got our stuff together. While Garrett started on the steaks I sat on our nearby picnic table and watched as the wedding began to start. The bride was just about to come down the aisle, I didn't even know this person and I was giddy awaiting her presentation. The music started, "Something in your eyes, makes me wanna lose myself,...". 

You have to listen pretty good to hear the song and don't you love my husbands sense of humor, "Hey which ones the bride? You think that's her in the uh... uh... uh.. purple? I mean green??"

You can hear me sing to Garrett during our wedding HERE.

She was walking down to her Groom to the very song I had pre-recorded for Garrett during our ceremony! Ok, this is getting weird now I said to Garrett! We just stood in awe while we listened, it was a moment for us as well as this soon to be wedded couple!

The night was beginning to wind down as well as the wedding, so we made a fire. What's a camp site without a fire right? We roasted marshmallows and enjoyed smores. This little trip was just perfect, we were so glad we didn't give up hope!

We planned to go fishing bright and early the next morning but overslept, I couldn't believe I slept so good although Garrett kept one eye open the whole night being the tuff guy he is. We went out in the boat for one last fish in the morning before the trip back home. But our little celebration wasn't over just yet, as soon as we reached home we would be packing our bags yet again to spend the night in the town where our love and journey began. Keep reading as I share that trip with you in my coming post!


  1. I absolutely LOVE this post! I'm so far from an outdoorsy person, but this makes me want to go tent camping with my hubby! :) Happy anniversary!

  2. Love this, Callie!! Yay for anniversary twins!
    And how cool that you got to witness a wedding ! =)
    June 16th... what a lucky day!

  3. So fun!! I love that someone got married there too. So sweet. We did a camping trip for our first anniversary and it was fun and something to remember. Happy Anniversary!

  4. So fun! This looks like a great adventure for newlyweds :)


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