Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Life As We Know It

Besides the new fad "pink lines" supporting gay marriage (not hatin' just statin') in facebook land, what has been up around the Smith casa you ask!? Well for starts, husband made me join the gym ( haha kidding..) we joined the gym. We actually started a 1 year contract with the gym we sold ourselves to slavery to, so you know what that means? Wifey here is going to have to sweat her tooshie off for 1 whole year, I don't mind it though because I'm actually pretty good at working out thanks to will power and previous old skool VHS pilates tapes.Surprised the sweat glands off the Husby for sure, he couldn't keep his eyes peeled away from me as I was beastly tearing up every weight machine my little twig-like arms and legs could handle. Or maybe he was trying to look as if he was my personal trainer? Who cares that man thinks I'm hotter than a pepper sprout! And I don't mind watching him gasp for life as he woes me with his superman dumbell arm curls! And for that, we have to be the most cheesiest couple to ever step foot into a gym. 
a little proud of my first day success and yes I wanted a cheese burger from Wendy's afterwards

We made a "Great Wall Of Smithies" out of transplanted pampas grass as a privacy-like fence, it's not so great right now but it will soon grow into large bushels of overpowering grass, just what we want! The husby dug all thirty something holes while wifey here did all the dirty work as you can see! 

After shopping around town on my lunch break, I finally found our Easter outfits for Sunday. It's kind of a big deal because this will be our first Easter together, married. I thought I did pretty good on the color coordinating, and the Husby is pretty pumped about getting away without wearing a tie! 


  1. Y'all will possibly be the cutest, not cheesiest, couple at the gym! No doubt! Love your Easter outfit!


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