Sunday, March 24, 2013

Awaken My Soul.

Sundays are the most peaceful days of the week for me, I look forward to them because I know that at the end of every sermon I take to heart, I will be spiritually prepared to take on the next week ahead. With next Sunday being Easter, the past few sermons have been on the crucifixion of our Savior of course which is always so hard for me to take in. The thought of how much pain and agony He was in hanging on that old rugged cross for me is so heart wrenching that if I let down the mental dam blocking my tear ducts, I would literally sit in a pew full of water during the service. 

One of the points made in the service today hit a pretty loud chord for me though, would my spirit, my soul, my inner being be pleasing to my God and would He smile and call it beautiful? It's a funny thing because I had never thought of it in that kind of way, it's so very important though because my spirit, my soul, my inner being is what makes me who I am. You look to others around you and think "That is truly a man of God!" and, "That person just has the heart of Christ right in her chest!" and they just shine in this dark world and inspire you to be a better person every time your around them. But it isn't their physical state of being that we see these things, it's their spiritual state, their soul, their inner being. I couldn't help but invision the Lord seeing my soul before Him as I read through the verse, "And Jesus cried with a loud voice, and gave up the ghost." and I just wondered would He smile before my soul, the ghost  I give up, being the same spirit that was once living inside of my earthly body, would it be pleasing to Him? Or would He look down in disappointment at the spirit I had belittled. 

It's such a beautiful thing to think that I will always have this inner part of me, even when the second hand of my time clock reaches it's destination. But I want so bad to be ready just as everyone else. Being the human beings that we are of this world, it's so easy to let go of our spirit though, especially when raging winds and troubles come our way. We forget that it is better to love than hate, better to walk away than fight, and better to be more understanding rather to judge. I'm so glad that I was able to hear such an inspiring sermon this morning because it truly opened the eyes of  my very soul and I pray that we are all spiritually ready to stand before our King.

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