Friday, March 8, 2013

Back On Our Feet.

Ever since our little furbabydoll made it home safely, we have been spending all of our downtime with her! Hence why I haven't been around here lately. It's still hard to believe she is back running up and down the stairs like roadrunner on steroids and sitting at my feet while I cook atlast- I was too sad to cook while she was gone, hence the husby almost starved.. i'm only kidding about that last part though. She warms our heart just being around even when she's interrogating our immortal fish Zeppelin who hasn't seemed to die after almost nine months unlike other betas we have owned. She's one of a kind and we're so, so glad she's home. Life is just better with her around.

Happy Friday Lovelies!!


  1. good morning. Happy Saturday to you. Is there suppose to be a pic of your furbaby b/c it didnt load and it loaded your friends one by one underneath each other all the way down the page. So I dont know if it's my internet or your page hun. just giving you a heads up incase it is. hope you're doing good and glad your got your baby back home with you. that sucks when somethings wrong and they cant be there. i know the feeling.

  2. Aww so happy your fur baby is home!! There's nothing quite like the bond between you and your pets, huh?

  3. She is precious.
    I wanted to let you know that I nominated your for a Liebster award! Feel free to check out more details on my "Lieb What?!" post, but no pressure :)


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