Sunday, July 14, 2013

Just Listen.

Lately, I have really started to slow down and try to see the big picture guys. And if your wondering where I have been here lately, I've been a little obsessed with Instagram and a few small devotionals. I have been digging deep friends, and the Lord is really speaking to my heart during our second part of marriage. There have been a few times here lately while I've been processing it all that I just literally lifted up my head and said "I hear ya Lord!" because He speaks so loud and hits right on my soft spots! So I've been just sitting here quietly listening. The wheels of life are still steadly spinning but I'm really focusing on the ride instead of the drive.

A good friend of mine and I decided to give Kelly Minters living room series "Ruth" a try and boy does she make you dig deep in the Word! I have always been a huge note taker in school and it's kind of my best strategy to learn things, so with that said and from the evidence included, you can kindly see that the study questions are hidden beneath my chicken scratch writing. But hey, whatever works right? This study is going to take my heart pretty far and I can tell you it not only gives you more insight on the story of Ruth but it also brings it on the home front in areas of your life that you struggle with and face!

Another daily study I am doing is with She Reads Truth, you can find their website HERE. I'm one week in on the Women in the Bible study and it has been just what I've been needing. I have always loved reading about women in the bible so this study caught my eye big time! The daily lessons are pretty short and maybe take me fifteen minutes tops to do them, each day discussing different women for instance: Eve then Sarai and Hagar all of which fell short of trusting Gods plan for them, I'm finding that I'm a lot like these women and I have learned so much through this study. I encourage you to join in, you won't be sorry!


  1. I LOVE the She Reads Truth study! It has really made me dig into the word and it has spoken right to my heart. I've been wanting to try the Kelly Minter "Ruth" study so thank you for posting your thoughts- I can't wait to give it a look!

  2. this is such a beautiful post! i have been trying to do the same thing.

  3. I just found your blog today through the link up with newly wedded brides! It's so refreshing to find other christian women who love Jesus! I'm excited to hop into She Read Truth -thanks you for sharing! We should be friends! :-)


  4. Thanks for sharing! I am going to look into that Women in the Bible study, sounds very good and I can always learn more about those Godly women!

  5. I have committed myself to enjoying the ride instead of driving this month as well. It has been truly refreshing! I am in love with all your IG encouragement lately :) And, She Reads Truth is phenomenal! I definitely am going to have to put your book on my "to read" list :)


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