Button Swap


If you would like to be apart of my blog, I would love to have you!
But I don't want your money and you don't have to worry about
"winning" a spot on my blog, just do these simple things:
1. Follow me on my Facebook Blog Page or Twitter
Callie @ calliersmith
2. Email or comment on any post if you like
3. Grab a button ( i'll be making different sizes soon) and let's swap buttons!
4. And let's be friends!

my something new with you
150 x 150 
my something new with you
200 x 200


  1. hey pretty girl we should button swap! your already up on my page(:

  2. Hey girl! I just put your button on my blog. I would love if you could put mine on yours. Can't wait to get to know you more. Love your blog!

  3. I have added your button to my blog & would really appreciate it if you added mine :) Check my blog out at Gorgeous wedding photos by the way!

  4. Hi Callie! I would LOVE LOVE to swap buttons with you! Just became a new follower and liked your facebook page! LOVE the name of your blog by the way! I'm going to go ahead and add your button, hope that's okay :)


  5. I added your button to my blog would love for you to add mine to yours!!


i love reading every single comment and i'm grateful for every kind word!

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