Sunday, August 25, 2013

A DIY Project: Picnic In A Suitcase Wedding Gift

While I'm not usually the most craftiest gal around the block, marriage has somewhat made me jump on the "hey I can do that!" band wagon a few times here and there. I found this little project while googling suitcase projects in hope of finding something clever to do with a couple of old two dollar thrift finds I had found. To my surprise, I found/created two: one being a kitty bed for Mila and the other, a sweet wedding gift for a dear friend of mine who is going to be getting married to her best friend in October! I had to wait until I actually gave it to her of course, before I could share my How To's: with you guys so that I wouldn't let the cat out the bag or should I say suitcase? I was going to initially wait until her shower to give it to her, but since my sister in law was so sweet to take her engagement pictures today, I thought, why wait!? They were able to use it in their engagement pictures which seemed like the perfect idea! I had so much fun making this little project that I had to share! I hope you enjoy making it as much as this girl did! Feel free to Pin this little project to your pin boards by clicking the yellow pinterest hover symbol on each picture!

Picnic In A Suitcase Wedding Gift

Most of the articles for this projects were bought from a craft store, Hobby Lobby being my choice, you can find yours at any craft store I am sure! Get creative because there are so many fun ways to make this project your very own! **Notice that my picnic silverware is all plastic, (cups, plates, bowls, forks etc..) they will keep alot better than glass silverware in a suitcase being handled around/stored away until the perfect picnic day.  You can find most of these items at your local dollar store for a little of nothing!**

So Here's What You Will Need:

- An Old Suitcase
(You can find these for a little of nothing at thrift stores, 
although my grandma was sweet enough to give this one to me.)

- Spray Paint 
(Tape up the parts of your suitcase you don't want spray painted and 
give her a new look! It's amazing what a little color can do!)

-  1 Yard Of Fabric Your Choice
(You will want to rip out the original lining of your suitcase before you start getting all Martha Stewart here. Beware of the smell of yester years, trust me it will get better. I modpodged the fabric onto the inner/sides of the suitcase first, and then used a heavy duty staple gun to make everything nice and pretty around the edges. If your not used to using such equipment, you may be a little sore afterwards, words for the wise yet wimpy.)

-Mod Podge
( I had always heard about this stuff but never knew how awesome it was until now! It has to be the crafters dream dope in a bottle! If you need something stuck real good, this stuff sticks better than fresh boogers, no kidding!

- Staple Gun
(There is absolutely no sewing to be done in this little do it yourselfer! Not for me anyhow! I used
this heavy doer mostly for attaching things like the fabric neatly around the edges of the suitcase and velcro-ed ribbon attachments for holding the plates, cups, and other things.)

-Velcro Tabs
(I wanted her to be able to put these items back with ease so I immediately thought of Velcro! I stapled each tab to the back and front of the ribbon and the back of the suitcase if needed.)

-Ribbon Of Your Choice

-Plastic Silverware/Dishes
( Like I said, it's best to go plastic on this project. I found all of my items from my local dollar store.) You will need plates, two cups, straws, forks, spoons, bowls etc.. get creative, I'm sure I missed something you have thought of!)

- Fun Stuff
( This part is limitless to the things you can find! I not only wanted to incorporate just silverware for eating, rather I wanted to make it fun so I added things like the pair of pinwheels, confetti for decor, a burlap rose to maybe place in a vase as a center piece for such a romantic setting, and a letter to place on the front of the suitcase representing the couples soon to be last name.)

This has to be my favorite project I have ever made yet, and what made it even more fun was that I was able to give it to someone to enjoy! It is such a cute, fun and unique project that I know a sweet southern couple (like my friend) will love and have as a keepsake! 


  1. This is THE cutest wedding fit idea. Love it!

  2. ummm wow! how is this not the trending post right now? I love it!

  3. Thanks sooo much for our picnic suitcase! It's absolutely adorable and we can't wait to use it at our campsite aka HOUSE! ;) love you so much Callie! You rock!


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