Mr. and Mrs.

hi dear friends
we are glad you found us!
i started this blog to document garrett and i's life together as newlyweds
we were joined together in marriage on
june 16, 2012
it was our very special day
one that we will always cherish dearly
so dearly that i must write as much as i can
about our journey together as husby and wife
we have a long way to go
& we love each other very much
 every minute that we are blessed to have with each other
you most likely won't be reading any post from the husby
but hey maybe he will surprise us?
never know
so read all you like
and i encourage every person i meet to write
if your not into blogging
use paper and pen
but write
and as much as you can
it's hard sometimes because life is so demanding
but take time out somewhere in your day for you
it's amazing the things you forget so easily
mainly the little things in life i like to call
 [ the good stuff ]
and you think to yourself
"if i had only written that down"
well you can
just start today

we hope you enjoy reading!

mr. and mrs. smith

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